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Driving lessons for beginners on pass plus courses from Freedom school of motoring Cheshire
Learn to Drive

To learn to drive in Altrcincham, one should just call or contact Freedom School of Driving and be assured that in due time he will be driving a motor vehicle on his own and with a license as well.  This is assured since the Freedom School of Motoring will see to it that a driving student learn properly with its army of fine driving instructors with the experience to teach the students the basic of driving safe and dexterously after a few driving lesson sessions. The exquisite service of Freedom School os Motoring is their offer to pick the student up at his residence and at what time the students want to be picked up to start the driving lessons. This pickup service is available whether you are at school, at home, at work or at any pickup point or drop off point that the student requires. The School offers the same services to learn to drive in Didsbury and Urmston, where a driving instructor in Manchester can do the service of fetching the student   for his driving lessons. Those who wish to learn to drive in Stretford can choose another instructor near his place.

Those who qualify to be students are those willing to learn to drive with or without driving experience. There are no age limits, youngsters and senior citizens are welcome.  Those who already know how to drive but want to undergo lessons for re-training are also admitted to the Freedom Driving School. International drivers who want to drive in the UK may also enroll to be trained on what they need to know about driving rules and regulations in the U.K. The school has trained instructors that cover Sale, Timperley, Altrincham, Hale, Bowdon, Northeden, Stretford, Urmston, Flixton, Chorlton, and Didsbury. The instructors are fully qualified DSA approved driving instructors.  The driving lessons are strictly on a one-on-one basis and sharing of lessons between two students in a single car is not allowed. Those who want to learn to drive in Urmston can have their schedule adjusted according to his chosen and preferred times and are available any day of the week. The tuition to be paid is very reasonable and the students learn to drive in an air conditioned, manual transmission car supplied by the school. The chosen cars for driving lessons are selected by the school from many models with the aim of providing the best car for the learning sessions.

The number of hours needed for one to learn to drive depends upon the progress of the students. Some people can learn to drive faster than others and some are slow in learning because of naturally slow reflexes.  The key to learning is patience because driving requires presence of mind and there is need to focus on one’s driving while on the road. Once the student knows and understands the basics of driving, the lessons will be easier to accomplish and in due time, the student will be driving the car on his own.  Some will require about 15-20 hours of lessons to learn to drive. Some people will need less time to learn how to drive. There are also slow learners who will take a longer time to learn to drive a car.